The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow is a spooky simulation game in which you play as a babysitter who must deal with some misbehaving children. Take care of the baby in the yellow t-shirt, but things will become increasingly strange. The Baby In Yellow uses highly detailed 3D graphics to depict each room in the game's mansion. The sound effects also contribute to the eerie atmosphere, and the story becomes scarier with each level.

How to play

Complete all of the tasks for the day's work and then prepare for the evening. A short horror game in which you must take care of your child while remaining calm.


  • Play through the first five chapters of the oddest babysitting job you've ever had.
  • Locate hidden collectibles to gain access to secrets such as BIG HEAD MODE.
  • Pick up the baby using exciting ragdoll physics!
  • To advance, follow the instructions and solve the puzzles.
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