Evil Granny Chapter 1

Evil Granny Chapter 1

No matter what you do in Evil Granny Chapter 1, the evil granny does not seem to back down. It doesn't take long to see that something isn't right. Granny is not well, and she intends to defeat you! Even though the premise is completely out of the left field, these terrifying granny games are quite realistic. Your real grandmother would never do such a thing, but the game scenario, story, and, especially, the audio effects are so eerie and genuine that you are terrified!

How to play

  • Arrow keys/AWSD - move
  • Shift - running
  • Mouse - aim, and shoot
  • Space - leap
  • F - pick up an object
  • T - inhibition


  • A difficult 3D horror escape game with a dramatic atmosphere.
  • There are two game modes: normal (normal environment) and dark (ghostly environment)
  • Four levels of difficulty
  • There are numerous puzzle mechanics to solve
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