Halloween Horror Massacre

Halloween Horror Massacre

With some of the most well-known figures from the horror genre, chop wood in Halloween Horror Massacre! While avoiding the advancing branches, chop as many logs as possible from the tree! To avoid danger, change your position. The gold medal is yours if you have what it takes. You can only use the skin of the first character right away; the other characters like Scream, Jason, Freddy, and Frankenstein require unlocking. 

How to play

To cut the trees on these two sides, use the right and left arrow keys. you are relocating when a branch is about to strike you on the head. If it does, your run ends there, and you must restart and try for a higher score.


  • 2D graphics with pixels.
  • engaging gameplay.
  • logical controls
  • There are four spooky characters to select from.
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