FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

FNAF Ultimate Custom Night

In FNAF Ultimate Custom Night, you'll be trapped in a workplace by animatronics! With 50 animatronic characters to choose from split throughout seven Five Nights at Freddy's games, the customization options are almost unlimited. Mix and match your favorite characters, change their difficulty from 0 to 20, and then jump right into the action!

How to play

From your office desk, you will need to control two side doors, two vents, and two air hoses, all of which flow directly into your office. The goal is to survive all five nights while battling with hordes of deathly animatronics roaming the pizzeria looking to destroy you.


  • The challenge menu contains sixteen themed challenges.
  • Voice acting is provided by both returning franchise favorites and newcomers!
  • Office skins can be unlocked!
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