Ragdoll Physics

Ragdoll Physics

Ragdoll Physics is a fantastic, free, online physics-based game in which you control a character in a vast, bubble-filled area. Make the poor lady spin around, causing her to collide with the glistening bubbles, and swing her around to observe the results. Drive a variety of 2D physics-based vehicles, including a monster truck, school bus, attack helicopter, jetpack, and more.

How to play

Playing with these ragdolls is satisfying in a strange and perverse sense, since it gives the impression that you are interacting with a miniature human within your computer. Even more so considering the realistic appearance of the ragdolls in this game. So please enjoy playing God with this unfortunate human using Ragdoll Physics.

You determine the level of damage you cause, since you decide what occurs! Our assortment of games will challenge you to soar through the air, dive through obstacles, and rack up the scores. The greater your damage and altitude, the more points you will receive.

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