Piggy Escape from Pig

Piggy Escape from Pig

The popular Granny series is the inspiration for Piggy Escape from Pig, a first-person horror adventure game. Find yourself stuck in a house whose landlord is a big humanoid pig, search the building for the front door key, and don't let the terrible creature beat you.

How to play

To survive, you must solve a variety of puzzles and confront unusual secrets in order to obtain the key that will allow you to open the front door! Will you be able to escape while evading death at the hands of the world's most merciless killing pig? Your adversary will not stop until he has killed you! Enjoy the adrenaline sensation as you flee this eerie house before it's too late.


  • Incredible and lifelike 3D graphics.
  • Enter a scary adventure filled with traps and dark corners.
  • Investigate every nook and cranny of this dark environment.
  • He's attempting to avoid a horrible end at the hands of a murderous pig.
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