Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter

Monster Shooter has returned! Check this the finest and most insane twin stick shooter ever seen. Favorites among fans Monster Shooter games are all about having fun while blasting aliens with great weapons. Because of its easy gameplay, this game is appropriate for all ages. With sophisticated combat and a variety of game modes, you will have a great experience in the galaxy.

How to play

The extra score takes into account all of your actions. Choose and use a weapon designed to destroy the beasts. A specific score is required to go to the next level and test your talents in a new area. You are in danger and must struggle to survive against Tree creatures, enormous aliens, and zombies. Can you survive or will you be eaten alive?


  • Excellent HD visuals.
  • 80 distinct levels packed with monsters, mayhem, and alien shenanigans.
  • Suburbs, City, Desert, and Arctic are all destructible environments.
  • There are over 20 different weapons to choose from, including a fully functional butt-kicking Mech Suit!
  • Tons of new foes combined with intense boss battles.
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