Granny Prison Horror

Granny Prison Horror

Granny Prison Horror is a horror shooter game played in first person. You must flee before she discovers you. That won't be easy; the building is a maze of halls and rooms through which you must search to find the key that holds the key to your freedom. You'll also find a lot of other useful stuff along the way, including some weapons you can use against Granny if she gets too close.

How to play

You are trapped in a prison building and must survive 12 levels of fighting creepy monsters. The WASD keys are used to move, and the mouse is used to aim and shoot your weapon. The number keys will be used to switch between the available weapons. In each level, you find yourself in a terrifying prison, where you must defend yourself from criminals as if you were a simple granny. Take out all of the enemies in each level to clear it, and don't let them attack you too often.

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