Granny Horror Village

Granny Horror Village

Granny Horror Village is a free first-person horror game available online. To escape, you must examine your surroundings and solve a slew of difficult puzzles. Stunning visuals and exciting action make use of 3D to great effect.

How to play 

Imagine rummaging through a dimly lit village with only your flashlight and the uneasy feeling that someone is watching you. You're not sure why, but you have a strong feeling that you need to get the treasure and get out of there as soon as possible before something terrible happens. In this online game, if you make too much noise, an evil granny will appear out of nowhere and murder you!

Rules for Success

To play this game, you must use both your eyes and your hands. With this game, you will be immersed in the world of relaxation, so don't be afraid of anything.

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