FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night

FNAF: Bizarre Custom Night is the latest installment in the FNAF games series. Night guarding at Freddy Fazbear's is a dangerous and creepy job. Mike must survive five nights among a swarm of murderous mechanical toys in order to earn his first paycheck! You get to choose your own team of animatronics to fight against. Best wishes!

How to play

The game's premise remains the same: you work as a security guard at Freddy's Pizzeria, where you must survive for five nights, from 12 AM to sunrise, which is at 6 AM. What makes this a 'custom' game is that you can choose the animatronics you will face at the start, as well as how powerful they are because each click on a doll increases its level by one. Set your enemies and begin your horror-survival adventure right away, attempting to save both your life and your job!

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