Baldi's Basics Spoopy MOD

Baldi's Basics Spoopy MOD

Baldi's Basics Spoopy MOD is a nerve-wracking first-person game in which you are trapped inside a school with the evil Baldi, the most horrible teacher ever. This online game challenges you to escape from a creepy old guy that follows you wherever you go. We are sure that this new edition will be just as charming and interesting as the previous ones!

How to play

Use the mouse to walk and look around, using the mouse to click on the action buttons to do the following things. No running, no eating and no drinking inside the school. Solve all the math problems or you might get in trouble. But what happens when you can’t even read what you are supposed to solve? Just try to find all seven notebooks and answer all the questions correctly to get the hell out of that creepy school. Enjoy this free online game Baldi's Basics Spoopy MOD!

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